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    Jobs and Careers at Miami

    Imagine the possibilities with a job or career at Miami…

    Miami University is a major public university with a small college feel. Creating environments for learning excellence and providing career opportunities in Oxford, Hamilton, Middletown, West Chester and Luxembourg, our faculty, staff, and student employees are the fuel that drives Miami!

    We rank first nationally among public universities for best teaching by U.S. News & World Report. Our opportunities for growth and advancement are not limited to students in the classroom. Our faculty, staff, and student employees are highly valued for their contribution toward the Miami experience.

    Miami’s main campus is located in Oxford, Ohio, 35 miles north of Cincinnati. A true college town, Oxford features a wide variety of shops and restaurants within walking distance of the main campus. Our regional campuses are located in Hamilton, Middletown, and the Voice of America Learning Center in West Chester, Ohio.

    For faculty and staff, Miami offers a great work environment and competitive benefits. We invite you500彩票手机软件下载 to experience Miami and see how you500彩票手机软件下载 can support the University’s Mission.

    Sundial at sunset

    Total Compensation Package

    Faculty and staff enjoy a wide range of compensation and benefits, from health care to tuition fee waivers, paid time off to pension plans.

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    Professional Development

    Our opportunities for growth and advancement are not limited to our students. We value and want to develop our faculty, staff, and student employees.

    Miami athletics Redhawk logo and spirit gear on counter

    Why Miami

    No one can answer this better than our current employees. See what they have to say about working at Miami.