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    News and Events

    Is it down?

    Check our status dashboard for up-to-date information on current known outages and incidents.

    IT Status

    Security Corner

    John Virden thumbnail

    IT 500彩票手机软件下载 welcomes our new CISO

    IT 500彩票手机软件下载 would like to cordially welcome the newest member of our team, John Virden. Virden officially began his duties as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) on Monday, November 18.

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    Windows vulnerability patched: Information for the Miami community

    Microsoft Corp. released an emergency software patch on Tuesday, Jan. 14, to correct a flaw in some versions of Windows.

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    Windows10 Logo

    A red fish with a black X through it, designating 'phishing'

    Phishing scam posing as Jason Osborne

    IT 500彩票手机软件下载 has received reports that a new scam email has once again been making the rounds.

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    Staff Profile

    Brian Henebry head shot

    There’s a new solution delivery leader in town, and his name might be familiar.

    Let's meet him »

    IT 500彩票手机软件下载@ 500彩票手机软件下载


    Featured Service

    Wi-Fi at Miami

    Blue fan of the Wi-Fi logo

    Wi-Fi is one of the most important utilities IT 500彩票手机软件下载 provides to the University. As more coursework and administrative actions take place online, it’s imperative to have access to a robust, reliable network capable of handling heavy load.

    Learn more at our Wi-Fi site »

    AccessMU Center

    Sign on wall that says AccessMU Center in silver over a red backgroundThe AccessMU Center was created to support accessibility initiatives across the University, providing information and services to enhance equal access for students with and without disabilities.

    As part of this ongoing commitment, we've launched AccessMU, a compilation of support, policy, and training resources for students, faculty, and staff.

    Visit AccessMU