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    From Now On

    Discover Greatness

    Our mission is clear: we empower students to make a difference. It starts with our dedicated faculty and it leads to incredible success. From students who fearlessly shatter expectations to alumni who shape the world.

    Miamians are strivers, seekers, and catalysts. From now on, we win with love and honor.

    We are Miami and these are our stories. Make Miami part of you500彩票手机软件下载rs — from now on.

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    From Athlete to Diplomat

    John Steele ’14

    Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State

    Disrupting the Apparel Industry

    Michael Markesbery ’15

    Co-Founder, OROS Apparel

    Leading Champions

    Hollie Bonewit-Cron

    Swimming and Diving Coach, Miami University

    Photography's X Factor

    Bo Bridges ’96

    Sports and Celebrity Photographer

    Breaking NBA's Color Barrier

    Wayne Embry ’58

    NBA Executive, Toronto Raptors

    Shaping Top Brands

    Brian Niccol ’96

    ceo, chipotle

    Inspiring Joy for Learning

    Lisa Ellram

    Distinguished Professor, Miami University

    Disrupting the Apparel Industry

    Rithvik Venna ’15

    Co-Founder, OROS Apparel

    NFL's Rising Star

    Sean McVay ’08

    Head Coach, Los Angeles Rams

    Revolutionizing Cancer Care

    Christie Currie ’19

    Founder and CEO, Zandaland

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    together we'll shine a light all of our dreams in sight The Future is Bold and Bright from now on

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