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    One Miami Campus CLimate Survey

    Above all, our goal is to create a diverse and inclusive culture.

    race/ethnicity • sex/sexual orientation • gender identity/expression • disability
    class • age • military status • national origin • pregnancy • religion • veteran status

    Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to participate in this self-reflective exercise.


    "We Shall Overcome" featuring Damien Sneed

    Damien Sneed with a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the background

    Badge for Presidential Series on InclusivityWednesday, February 12, 2020
    7:30 p.m.
    Hall Auditorium

    Inspired by the words and actions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., We Shall Overcome is a joyful celebration of music from across the African American music traditions that electrified generations of civil rights activists and defenders.

    $20 Adult | $19 Senior
    $10 Youth/Student


    Miami recognizes indigenous peoples with Land Acknowledgement Statement


    Miami Heritage logo


    On December 13, Miami's Board of Trustees enacted a Miami University Land Acknowledge Statement that recognizes and honors indigenous peoples as traditional stewards of this land.

    Use of this statement is intended to create a broader public awareness of the history that has led to this moment and support larger truth-telling and reconciliation efforts.

    For more details, see Land Acknowledgement.


    Voices of Discovery: Intergroup Dialogue

    Students seated in a circle engaged in discussion

    Voices of Discovery was developed to promote the theory and practice of Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) campus-wide. As an educational method, IGD engages students to explore issues of diversity and inequality and their personal and social responsibility for building a more inclusive society.

    The Center for American and World Cultures and its partners piloted two versions of IGD for students in the Spring 2019 semester and are offering it once again for Spring 2020. Co-facilitated by graduate or upperclass students, IDS 253, Intergroup Dialogue is seminar-style sprint course that offers a chance to make an impact among classmates and ultimately, Miami's climate.

    Learn more about this exciting initiative »

    Miami to host National Civil Rights Conference

    9th Annual Conference attendees visiting outside Mt. Zion Church

    June 22–23, 2020
    Oxford, Ohio

    With the theme, Rise, Advocate, Educate, and Cooperate: The Challenge of Change, the 10th annual conference promises to generate considerable intellectual dialogue and debate.

    While the event is moving north of Mississippi for the first time in its history, the 56th Anniversary Commemorative Service for Freedom Summer participants James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner on the grounds of Mt. Zion Church in Philadelphia, MS will remain a part of pre-conference activities.

    For more details, including the conference agenda, visit the website for the . Registration will begin in March.

    New Diversity and Inclusion Model for Incoming Students

    Student working on a laptop with the Diversity and Inclusion module's page on Identity and Selfhood on the screen

    This year, all incoming first-year students will take the online Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) module prior to fall semester. The module, which was piloted to about 1,300 students in 2018–19, helps students learn about and develop skills related to identity, bias, privilege and oppression, the benefits of a diverse community, ally behavior, self-care, and inclusive spaces.

    Survey results from the pilot were encouraging. More than 80% of first-year students who took a transition course that included the DEI agreed they learned new information about bias, power, privilege and oppression, compared to 74% of first-year students who took a transition course that didn’t include the module.

    Freedom Summer of '64 Award

    Members of Mt. Zion church posing with their award

    Fifty-five years after three Freedom Summer volunteers left Oxford, Ohio, to investigate an arson at the historic Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in Philadelphia, Mississippi, and then disappeared, Miami honored the church with the Freedom Summer of '64 Award.

    Every year, Mt. Zion marks the anniversary of the disappearance and murder of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner. On June 16—the anniversary of the fire—University representatives attended the annual memorial at Mt. Zion to present the award.

    Beating the Odds: From Poverty to Politics

    John Steele taking in a view of the streets during a return to his old neighborhood in Cleveland

    John Steele came to Miami with nothing but two black garbage bags and the promise of a football career. Though his dream of football was soon shattered, the intervention of special mentors and support at Miami gave him the confidence and direction he needed: "I left Miami with teammates I now call my brothers, an entire village of supporters, and an education I wouldn't trade for the world. There is no 'John Steele' without Miami University."

    Read the inspiring story of this Miamian who beat the odds to persevere and rise above his circumstances.

    Truth and Reconciliation

    Toni Morrison quote on a wall at the National Memorial for Peace & Justice

    In a effort to promote awareness of injustices inflicted upon African Americans during the country's period of reconstruction, a Spring 2019 graduate seminar course, the Truth and Reconciliation Project was established.

    A collaboration of the Graduate School and the Department of Family Science and Social Work, the course provides an opportunity to engage directly in a process of truth and reconciliation anchored by the , an organization committed to changing the narrative about race in America.

    Miami Receives Top Award for Internationalization

    A group of international students walking together

    Miami University has been awarded a 2019 Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization by NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

    Miami is , recognized for excellence in integrating international education throughout all facets of university and college campuses. Read more about Miami's efforts to promote an interconnected global community.

    Study Abroad is for Me

    A student posing with a kangaroo in the background

    Though Miami has a strong record of students studying abroad, a new campaign by Global Initiatives is designed to expand that access to an increasing number of underrepresented applicants like students of color, those with financial need, males, and international students.

    "Study Abroad is for Me" aims to give students knowledge and confidence to apply for programs and to raise awareness of the need for increased study abroad scholarship funds.

    Revitalizing a Culture

    Banner congratulating the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma on their Honoring Nations Honors award

    The has received a prestigious national award recognizing its cultural heritage and language revitalization program, which has resulted in the first generation in nearly 100 years learning to speak the Myaamia language.

    The tribe was recognized during the 75th Annual Convention & Marketplace of the National Congress of American Indians in Denver Thursday, Oct. 25. It was one of six award winners selected from applicants representing 51 tribes and four tribal consortia.

    Read more about this award.

    Student Disability 500彩票手机软件下载

    Student Disability 500彩票手机软件下载 lobby area inviting students to gather and fellowship

    Miami's Miller Center for Student Disability 500彩票手机软件下载 (SDS) coordinates support services and resources for over 1500 students on Miami's Oxford and Regional campuses.

    The Miller Center also works closely with Miami's Disability Studies Program and Students with Disabilities Advisory Council to foster a cultural component that includes literature, documentaries, and other opportunities for fellowship. The Center offers a hot beverage station, a "technology cube" in the lobby with hardware and software, free printing for students, and artwork from local artists with disabilities.

    Confucius Institute

    Lions Dance Club performing on stage

    Established in August 2007, Miami's Confucius Institute arose from a partnership between Miami University and Liaoning Normal University in Dalian, China. In addition to fostering an attitude of globalization and multicultural harmony, the Institute is dedicated to promoting the study of Chinese language, culture, and philosophy through such resources as courses, workshops, and cultural events.

    Additional opportunities for cultural immersion include a variety of student clubs dedicated to Chinese arts and traditions and the "China Visit Program," a chance to experience Chinese culture and language in Modern China.

    Bridges Program

    Students in the Bridges program perform lab experiments

    Miami University is proud to present the Bridges Program, an overnight visit experience for high-achieving high school seniors from historically underrepresented populations or who have a commitment to promoting a deeper understanding of and appreciation for diversity.

    Offered annually in the fall, this program gives students a chance to experience Miami up close and personal by engaging with students and professors in the classroom, eating in our award-winning dining halls, and staying in a residence hall. 


    a colorful rendering of the words Diversity and Inclusion

    Freedom Summer of '64 Award

    Given to both groups and individuals, this annual award is intended keep alive the memory of those who sacrificed to ensure the right to vote, for others’ freedom, and civil rights for all. For more information on those honored, see Freedom Summer of '64 Award.

    University Diversity and Inclusion Award

    Launched in 2019, this award recognizes Miami University's commitment to maximizing the potential of every member of the Miami community and celebrating both our unity and our differences. For a list of award winners, see University Diversity and Inclusion Award.

    ICA Inclusive Excellence Award

    This award recognizes the extraordinary accomplishments of Miami community members whose commitment to inclusive excellence has fostered an appreciation for diversity and serves as a model for others. For a list of award winners, see ICA Inclusive Excellence Award.

    Strategic Diversity Plan

    Developing broad Strategic Diversity Goals for the university provides an institutional framework for Initiatives that are global and allows for each unit on campus to have individual buy into the specific/broad goals. More diverse choices and direct actions achieve broader university diversity goals in individual units, greater diversity progress across the institution with greater direct buy in should occur at all levels.

    Read more of the Strategic Diversity Plan

    Student Body Diversity from 2008-2018*


    *Per Miami's Office of Institutional Research

    Research, Service, & Partnerships

    Going Above and Beyond

    Dan Darkow posing with his beloved dog, Mint Julep

    Dan Darkow, coordinator in the Miller Center for Student Disability Studies, was recently awarded the Ohio Association for Higher Education and Disability’s Dr. Lydia Block Rising Star Award.

    The recipient must demonstrate passion for the work, capacity for future leadership, and dedication to above-and-beyond service.

    Diversifying Psychology

    Akanksha Das talking with another person inside a Miami psychology lab

    In her work as a doctoral student, Akanksha Das studies diversity's impact on research and the research environment.

    According to Das, researchers often have a narrow focus, which drives them to read only work done by people who share similar assumptions and experiences. In an effort to incorporate different voices in the field, Miami's Department of Psychology launched Diversifying Psychology Weekend, drawing national candidates to Oxford.

    Diversity in the Workplace Includes Generations

    A students discusses an easel presentation with his mentor.

    Research by the co-director of Miami's Center for Business Leadership reveals the significance of "gentelligence" and how this form of diversity enriches the workplace.

    Through her study on the student perspective, Dr. Megan Gerhardt found that generational differences are often caused by misunderstandings, and that embracing other perspectives can solve problems and create opportunities that benefit everyone.

    Classroom Partnership Challenges Stereotypes

    Miami students in a classroom face a video screen as they use Skype to chat with students in Mexico City

    Students of Elena Albarrán, associate professor of history and global and intercultural studies, and her colleague Sonia Robles, assistant professor in the school of communications at Mexico City's Universidad Panamericana (UP), recently partnered to gain authentic insight on issues related to history and the current climate between the U.S. and its southern neighbor. Read more: Miami history class hosts Skype chat with students in Mexico City

    Myaamia Center Continues Language Revitalization

    Team members working at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.

    A $311,641 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities will expand the work of Miami University’s Myaamia Center on revitalizing indigenous languages.

    The grant was awarded to Daryl Baldwin, director of the center, and Gabriela Pérez-Báez, assistant professor of linguistics at the University of Oregon, for their project titled “National Breath of Life 2.0: Creating a ‘Second Breath’ for Indigenous Language Revitalization.”

    Whole Brain Thinking Builds Diverse Teams

    Students in the Farmer School of Business discussing an assignment

    The  is introducing a different kind of diversity. Part of the First-Year Integrated Core in the Farmer School of Business, the instrument measures how students' brains perceive and process information. Assessment results are then used to split the students into project teams. The variety of life experiences that are brought together in the collective workspace helps business students find power in working with diverse thinkers.

    Faculty Learning Communities

    Faculty engaging in a lively discussion of pedagogy

    Miami's Faculty Learning Communities are cross-disciplinary faculty and staff groups that engage in an active, collaborative, yearlong program with a curriculum about enhancing teaching and learning. "Accessibility and Inclusion in the Classroom" and "Inclusive Excellence: Designing and Implementing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate Course" are examples of the communities that have been developed to broaden perspectives, welcome diversity, and experience inclusion at Miami.

    Partnerships for a Better World

    Miami students on a study abroad trip to Ghana holding up a Miami University flag alongside a Ghana flag

    Miami University actively seek new partnerships to conduct research, create new technologies, shape policy, and educate a talented, diverse, and globally aware pool of students prepared to enter the global workforce, serving the region, state, nation and world. Discover how groups from businesses, community groups, educational institutions, and government agencies are partnering with Miami.

    President Crawford Pledges to Advance Diversity

    CEO Action For Diversity & Inclusion

    President Greg Crawford joined a growing coalition pledging to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Only one month after 175 CEOs came together to launch , more than 100 additional CEOs/presidents had taken the pledge, committing themselves and the organizations they lead.

    See how Miami is fulfilling our pledge to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and where employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion.

    Opening Minds through Art

    Student helping a senior citizen paint with a roller brush

    Part of the Scripps Gerontology Center, Opening Minds through Art is an intergenerational art program for people with dementia. The program trains nursing 500彩票手机软件下载 staff to collaborate with high schools, colleges and other service organizations to provide a person-centered visual arts program that taps the elders’ creativity and imagination, rather than their memory.

    Code of Love and Honor

    Beyond its place in our beloved Fight Song ("Love and Honor to Miami…") and
    its use as a greeting among Miamians around the world, Love and Honor represents Miami values.

    Play the Code of Love and Honor video

    Play the Code of Love & Honor video

    Outreach and Support

    Get Involved

    The It's On Us initiative encourages students to speak out and take action to prevent sexual assault crimes. Here at Miami, we provide a number of campus resources to educate students about sexual assault and where to turn for help.

    Miami student hanging out in the Women's Center

    The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion develops and implements programs, activities, and procedures designed to enhance the academic success, retention, and personal development of diverse student populations.

    The Center embodies a commitment to diversity/multiculturalism as expressed through ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic differences.

    Student Health

    Counselor meets with a student discussing the student's needs.

    College can be stressful, and the values of "I Am Miami" inspire our students to support one another in times of need.

    If you500彩票手机软件下载 notice someone who seems lonely, withdrawn, or otherwise suffering from unhealthy lifestyle choices, knowing how and when to report you500彩票手机软件下载r concern can help you500彩票手机软件下载 respond appropriately and identify who to call for help. Miami offers a variety of services that reflects our commitment to students' physical, mental, and emotional health.
    (Explore services by using the arrows above.)

    Counseling helps you500彩票手机软件下载 understand you500彩票手机软件下载rself and you500彩票手机软件下载r difficulties better and ultimately helps you500彩票手机软件下载 make healthy choices in you500彩票手机软件下载r life. All sessions are confidential and no information is released to anyone without permission. (Group Counseling is also available.)

    Mental Health Education
    From depression and suicide to 500彩票手机软件下载sickness and eating disorders, students can learn more about problems frequently encountered during the college years and how to find healthy solutions.

    AlcoholEdu for College
    All incoming first-year students are required to complete this science-based, interactive, online program, which provides information on alcohol and its effects on the brain, body, and behavior.

    Drug and Alcohol Use Treatment
    The Student Counseling Service works in conjunction with the Office of Community Standards to provide these assessments to full-time students. (The recommendations are strictly confidential and not a part of the students academic records.)

    HAWKS Peer Health Educators
    Health Advocates for Wellness Knowledge and Skills (HAWKS) are dedicated student leaders who strive to engage students in the learning process, helping them to see the relevance and the importance of the choices they make in their lives.

    Psychiatric 500彩票手机软件下载
    Our full-time services include the treatment of psychiatric disorders (anxiety, eating, substance abuse) as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

    Stress-Less Workshop
    This free, one-hour, weekly workshop provides instruction and practice in utilizing evidence-based techniques, including deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, and mindfulness.

    Student Health Service (SHS)
    SHS provides both medical care and education to support a healthy college experience. Staff includes full-time physicians, certified nurse practitioners, and a nursing staff to provide quality outpatient care.

    Educational Workshops
    Student Counseling Service staff give educational presentations and conduct workshops that address a variety of topics ranging from sexual assault prevention and stress management to career indecision and parent orientation.

    Safety and Support

    Architecture students working inside an incomplete building

    The spirit of I Am Miami is one of responsibility--responsibility that prompts action when seeing another person in distress and intervention that can make a difference in the outcome.
    (Explore our resources using the arrows above.)

    Bias Incident Reporting
    If you500彩票手机软件下载 believe you500彩票手机软件下载're the victim of a bias-related incident, find out how to report it and take advantage of available resources.

    Campus Safety and Security
    Everyone has a responsibility to contribute to the well -being of the community by participating in crime prevention efforts and developing good personal safety habits.

    EthicsPoint Reporting
    This program provides a confidential and anonymous method for reporting illegal or unethical conduct that violates Miami's policies.