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    Undergraduate Research

    Professor Teaching

    At Miami, research opportunities are everywhere. Each year, more than 2,000 Miami students work with professors on funded research. It doesn't matter if you500彩票手机软件下载r passion is art, music, public service, biology, or psychology, we have a research program that will work for you500彩票手机软件下载.

    Consider the possibilities

    Undergraduate research can open doors for you500彩票手机软件下载! Whether on campus in Oxford or halfway around the world, you500彩票手机软件下载 can join the thousands of Miami students engaged in exciting activities that range from painting murals in an urban neighborhood to plant identification for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma to working towards medical breakthroughs. You might even find you500彩票手机软件下载rself co-authoring published research papers and presenting findings at professional conferences.

    Consider the benefits

    Conducting research can help you500彩票手机软件下载 do the following:

    • Work with professionals in you500彩票手机软件下载r field of study
    • Form relationships with people through the research process
    • Take classroom knowledge and put it to practical use
    • Get class credits outside of class
    • Gain public recognition for you500彩票手机软件下载r work

    Consider you500彩票手机软件下载r options

    At Miami, we offer so many ways to learn beyond the classroom. The Office of Research for Undergraduates is the place to start!